Updated 8-5-07!

Electric Tiki and Sideshow Collectibles are proud to present the latest statue in the Classic Heroes Collection, the comic strip hero Mandrake the Magician. First penned by Lee Falk in 1934, Mandrake the Magician is a beloved comic crime-fighter. With a wave of his enchanting hand, crooks and gangsters are hypnotized into submission. Believing the illusion that their weapons are deadly snakes and red-hot irons, criminals cast aside their defenses and are easily apprehended by the cunning magician and his allies. With his dapper mustache and top hat, Mandrake the Magician is an unforgettable classic comic hero.  Mandrake will come in two color schemes.  Black tux version and a super limited Sideshow exclusive blue tux verision.  SRP $174.99.  For ordering info.  please visit's Sideshow's website!